Terms and Conditions In-store

  • We accept only good quality & re-wearable clothing, ready to be reused for example: Shoes, bags, belts, handbags, clothes, accessories etc.
  • Clothes are examined & graded into 2 grades by our fully qualified staff.
  • 1st grade – We offer 1Euro/ kg for clothes that are either new or almost new with little every day wear.
  • 2nd grade – We offer 40cents/kg for clothes that have visually little damage, such as small stains that can be washed with a clear view for being worn.
  • Brands don’t have any effect on pricing.
  • Clothes we cannot accept: Torn, damaged or wet clothing.
  • We do not buy house hold items/materials such as: Carpets, pillows, duvets, curtains, plates or electronics. However, you are welcome to leave them with us.

15 Euro/Bag advert is based on 120litre refuse bin bag filled with 1st grade clothes, handbags, shoes & belts.

*Due to lack of storage any bags left for longer than 48 hours is subject to contract(payment only).

Terms and Conditions Door-door

  • Clothing must be in a reusable and wearable state. We will NOT pay for any dirty, wet, or damaged clothes.
  • The minimum collection for our service is 100kg(x10 120Letre bin bags), with the exception of the Dublin region. In some areas we don’t offer cover, please check with us before booking.
  • We offer a flat 40cent per kg for all accepted items (approximately 4euro per average bag)
  • We offer no returns on items collected. Please make sure there are no items that are valuable to you.